Debugging a Programmer’s Life

Are you are living a programmer’s life?

Well, I am.

I got my first computer when I was 4. Lots of floppy were involved in those happy years.
I spent eons with my machine, I graduated in Computer Science and started working as a developer.

It’s a strange life.

It can be full of wonderful things, free time, well-paying jobs, passion.
But it can also be lonely and overwhelming.

Maybe you have the best life you could ever think of.
You managed to start your own business developing software, with more then an awesome revenue, while travelling the world with your wonderful wife/girlfriend.
Or maybe you achieved your dream job, while having good health, a marvellous family and friends..

If so, congratulations for your happy life.
Maybe this website isn’t for you, but I think there will ever be space for improvement in this life.

Are you still here?
Oh, I see…

You think that maybe something in your life could be improved.
Your job is choking you.

Year after year, sitting long hours in front of your computer, you don’t feel as strong as in your ’20.
Your mood swings rather frequently.

Maybe your love life is not as bright as you would expect it to be at this point in your path.
You don’t have the energy for doing anything after work more than drink a beer and eat chips in front of Netflix.

What? Vision loss? Back pain?

Do you find it difficult to focus on your objectives? You had such a sharp mind some years ago…

Do you still have that dream to be someone?

To be a real man (or woman) in this world?

I have been there, man.

But finally a thought arise, like a flame in the dark:

Something can be done.

I want to tell you one more thing: IT’S TRUE AND YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

Here at Debuxing we are going to share what we know, what we applied, to improve our lives.

And, of course, a lot of programming tutorials will be involved.

We are programmers, after all.