Debugging Life: Why you should be taking Omega 3

Omega-3 fatty acids popularity has been continually increasing in these last years, and for some good reasons.

The list of benefits from assumption seems to be pretty long, while the possible side effects quite short.

It’s my belief that most of the population would be healthier with their omega-3 levels (O3 from this moment on) in check.

Also programmers, making usually long use of their gray matter, could enjoy the benefits.

[Stupid image of programmer]



These little fatty acids are usually found in certain fishes and plants, although it is rising the use of supplements, usually fish oil (liquid or in capsules).

They are considered essential, meaning that your body can’t produce them, you have to get them through your diet.

I’m one of those who makes large use of these supplements.

Yeah, I’m a programmer living alone, usually I don’t have the time nor the patience to cook some delicious fish.

And with usually I mean about 99.8% of the time.


So, I bought the pills.

The benefits don’t hit you immediately, you don’t wake up the day after with superpowers or the ability to breathe underwater,

It takes time, don’t stop the assumption after the first times just because you don’t feel a great change.

Personally I find appropriate the quote “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone”.

In fact, after I stopped taking the gold pills, my body started yelling at me “Hey! Give them back to me, you dumbass”.

I started back.

Now, let’s see what should make you considering the use.


As a programmer, sitting at my desk long hours fighting bugs and ignoring project managers, I find some of the benefits really interesting.

Brain Power

Omega-3 acids are of three types: EPA , ALA and DHA . The last one is a primary component of the cerebral cortex.

Why is it important?

The cerebral cortex is the anterior part of the brain, and among its responsibilities we can find:

  • Memory
  • Cognition
  • Awareness
  • Thought
  • Consciousness
  • Attention

Do you need these powers, don’t you?

Going on, against the usual “size doesn’t matter”, it seems that low O3 concentration leads to a smaller brain volume, especially talking about the hippocampus section.


It seems that the increase in brain size in the human race, along the millennia, is largely due to fishes and their precious DHA fatty acid

Mental Health

One of the first O3 effect that caught my attention was that it can be of great help if you have depression or anxiety.

These two conditions are on the rising, making a perfect team with all the stress that we experience every day.

Life and work have become frenetic, because we have the urge to be doing something. To be productive, to show off to the world how much we are unique and important.

Stress, cortisol rising, resulting in more anxiety and depression. Which results in more stress, which result in… A circle of never ending self-destruction.

Not a happy and relaxed life.

In this research (, we can see how low DHA levels have been linked to higher suicide risks.


That’s surely another good reason to rise our levels of O3. (I hope you are not thinking about suicide, in that case there are a lot of people ready to help you, seriously! If you have no people around you, write to me).

What about mental diseases?

I know, you are young, probably from 20 to 50 years old. Mental diseases are things that only happens to others and when they are about 70/80 years old.

Unfortunately, they thought the same.

While the scientists are not sure if O3 could be of any help to those affected by Alzheimer, several studies show that it best performs in prevention, slowing the decline in brain functions.

A decline that could give to you Schizophrenia, Dementia, Alzheimer and other age-related illness.

So, while the effectiveness in treating mental degenerations has not been proved, you could strike first and protect your brain from illnesses.

Damn, O3 has even been shown to help in fighting ADHD in children. Therefore, also consider the health of your children or younger siblings.

Our mind is our most powerful ally.

Take care of your brain. At least, if you can’t have an Apache helicopter by your side.

In that case, take care of the helicopter. And call me.

Body Power

Body and mind are tightly connected and you should treat well both of them.

Most of us are living a more and more sedentary life, and that is a serious risk for our health.

We are designed to be in movement, and living in front of your desk isn’t exactly an active life.

While I hope that all of you do some sort of exercise and watch your diet, I think that we should take all the help we can to level up our bodies.

Research tell us that high levels of O3s are good for:

  • Lower Triglycerides
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Fight the Metabolic Syndrome
  • Fight osteoporosis
  • Bone health
  • Joint Health
  • Kidney health
  • Allergic reactions
  • Retina health
  • An healthy skin
  • Recover after a workout
Do More!
Do More! (ph. by Carl Heyerdahl).

We could go on for a while.

Having an healthy body is going to improve yourself in so many ways.

When I feel great with myself, in top shape, my mind reacts accordingly. You too will find yourself more capable, sharper and with a confidence boost that is of great help in working hard in your jobs (at the office or your personal plan for a great future for humanity).

In addition, O3 are good fats (polyunsaturated), which your body needs for a good hormone balance (think for example at testosterone)




How to get them


At this point, I hope that most of you are searching the web for the most convenient box of O3s.

I bought a huge box full of these golden pills. I think they were more than one thousand.

omega 3 pills


I saved a lot of money with that and gave a part of them to my parents. That’s a thing you should consider, the health of the people around you.

Of course, you could integrate eating the right foods. If you can use real food it would only be better.

I can’t. So I use supplements.





Stick to the following list for O3 dense aliments. There are other foods that have high quantities of DHA and EPA, but are not really common in your table (Like oysters or caviar)

  • Salmon
  • Walnuts
  • Wild fishes
  • Egg Yolks
  • Chia Seeds
  • Omega-3 enriched eggs
  • Delicious meat from grass-fed animals
  • Spinach
  • Soybeans

I think that you can be of great help to yourself eating the right way, but it’s not so easy to have always enriched eggs, grass-fed meat and wild fishes waiting for you at home.

If you search the web for your purchase, pay attention to the quantities of DHA and EPA contained, to avoid having to eat 20/30 pills a day to reach your target.

Read the label carefully. Search for the amounts of EPA and DHA (generally in mg), not of fish oil.

No EPA or DHA amounts in the label? Not a product to be considered.

Dosage is important and we will cover it in the next section.




You can be sure of being safe staying within 3000 mg of EPA and DHA combined.

To see the health benefits I recommend a dosage of approximately 2000mg, if you don’t have some serious illness or health imbalance.

In that case, I suggest having a chat with your doctor about the dosage.

Currently I’m using pills with a total of 300mg of DHA+EPA. So I take 8 pills a day.

I have no problem taking them whenever I have the time, but at for starters you could take them with your meals, just to go easy with your stomach.

Please, don’t go berserker mode. The key here is to being patient and farsighted. You can’t expect to increase dramatically your health in a few days or weeks, after of life of eating garbage.

Take your time, seriously.




Advices on timing are a little confusing. I’ve read all sort of things, so I can just tell you what’s my typical O3 day is, and recommend you to establish a routine to follow.

This lends towards less pills forgotten and less time used to think of timing.

Be efficient, my friend.

I take eight pills a day, split in two rounds.

(ph. by Kevin @ikukevk)

One (five pills) with my first meal of the day. So tipically it should be breakfast for the majority of people.

I’m actually doing intermittent fasting, so my first food it’s lunch around 1 pm.

I then consume the last three pills just before going to bed, to improve the quality of my sleep and other benefits.

Experiment with different timings. You have to understand what is better for your body.

I tested taking the pills before going to bed and now, after seeing how my wake up has improved, I have inserted them in my routine.

The only thing that I discourage is to take all the daily dosage in one time. But it won’t kill you in that times you forgot your assumption during the day.



Side effects

When you put in comparison the benefits and the side effects, there is not a real battle possible.

I don’t have to tell it to you, do I? Well, I will do it anyway…

Do not eat Omega-3s food or supplement if you are allergic to seafood without talking before with your doctor.

If you suffer from things like diabetes, heart disese or other serious disease, ALWAYS talk with a specialist before starting.

Also, pay particular attention if you are taking any medication.

Another side effect in someone can be a bit of nausea or stomach ache. In that case try to take the supplement split in two or three meals during the day.

Quite common are fishy burps or flatulencies, because sometimes fish oil could be difficult to digest. In that case, you could try supplements with enteric coating (which delays the point where you start digesting the fish oil), leaving them in the freezer overnight or again split them in smaller doses.

Try what works best for you.


The copious amount of benefits from high levels of Omega-3 can hardly leave you indifferent.

Well, maybe… Are you a cyborg? In that case, I fully understand your indifference.

While it would be great to get the desirable amount of DHA+EPA only from your food, the aliments nowadays are usually nutrient-poor. And many of us don’t have the time or the money to always buy first quality O3 dense aliments.

One easy solution is to use good quality supplements, usually fish oil pills, with the right dosage and from a trusty source.

And don’t forget to store them in the right way.


Head high,
level up yourself.